Meet Griffin Glass and Jewelry

Griffin Glass and Jewelry is a family affair. Parents, children and grandchildren are all involved in the work in our studio. We build suncatchers, windows, glass-kilned designs, and any other design element we can do in our studio. Everyone is involved in our projects. Mom and Dad enjoy the designing and color selection of their projects, in addition to building the works. One son is into the cutting and soldering of different elements in our works. Another son designs and makes one-of-a-kind beads to accent some of our jewelry items. Our daughter-in-law is very good at applying the metal tape around each piece to glass to be put into a work--called foiling. Another of our girls is almost solely responsible for our jewelry line. Even the grandchildren (the oldest is almost in kindergarten) are involved. They bring us rocks to polish for some of the jewelry pieces. Unfortnately, not everything they bring us is a rock.

We are a very small compact business, dedicated to quality and giving our clients what they envision.  We can build suncatchers, windows, etc., in just about any theme you can imagine. Client satisfaction is our highest priority.  Why not give us a call?